Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Barely any poker

Decided against the slog for rake race this week. I've been busy with work and running all over trying to get a decent car. Bought one yesterday though won't be able to collect for a few more days.

I'm playing in a pool league on Thursday which is double rake points day which is a large factor in my decision. However even if I could play I'd have to log an insane amount of hands to crack top. Think I'm going to stick to my 'concentration' plan and hopefully pay for the car this month, increase the BR next month, and start taking some NL200 shots in the near future.

I played a few hundred hands at a mates house over the weekend for a few hundred dollars profit. This included a hungover stretch at 1/2 and 2/4 FL. I'm now rolled for NL200 but will cash out however much I can at month end leaving me enough of a roll to effectively play NL100 for a couple more months at least. I'm all too aware now how far one bad month can set you back and I'm determined to keep building. I've took the plunge and joined Card Runners, and have done a fair whack of strategy viewing and reading over the weekend.

Although I've barely played online, I did play live last night. £15 freeze-out in a local club. There are only a handful of players that have much idea. The blind structure is also a pretty incredible 100/200, 200/400, 300/600, 400/800, 500/1000...6/12 you think? 7/14? No... 1k/2k, 2k/4k, 4k/8k etc So at Level 6 your equity in the tournament is effectively halved, and continues to do so as the blinds double every 20 minutes. If you don't double up in the first couple of levels, and then double that again before Level 6 you have effectively no chance of winning this tournament. I chipped up early and then was lucky enough to pick up AK and get AQ all in for half my stack pre flop, only for the Q to appear on the turn. I then had no chance to steal and on 1/2 I completed Q9s suited in the SB after 2 limpers. Flop Q,8,J two my suit. I decide I'm going with this flop but want to win a big pot so I check. BB min bets, first limper calls, second limper folds. I shove, BB insta shoves over top, limper insta calls. BB flips over the monster J2 and limper has 9To for a flopped straight. Top stuff. Turn 2, river 9 non spade and I'm gone. Sigh. Another 2 on the river would have been awesome though, everyone loves an underdog :-)

Will play a bit online later, good luck at the tables :-)

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Anonymous said...

I'd be all in with J2 on that board, especially after a flat caller behind that can't fold... think of the VALUE when you hit!!!!

I miss Monday and Wednesday night's at Grosvenor...