Thursday, 27 March 2008

Another win...just!

Played quite a few hands today for $75 profit total. Afternoon session I was $320 to the good then in my final round I had a set bust by runner runner flush in a blind battle for 150BBs, which was upsetting with the timing. So I ended $180 up and played a bit more tonight after the football. Was a real rollercoaster being -$150 and +$220 at certain points. Finished on $75 for the day which I can't complain at.

There was one pot in tonights session that was also very frustrating. I'm not posting the hand as it gives too much away, but basically this one semi-regular player always raises to 6BBs with AK, AQ and JJ QQ KK AA and limps anything else semi playable. When he has raised, if he hits any part of the flop he will stack off guaranteed. Talk about the ultimately exploitative strategy! Anyway he raises $6 UTG, all fold and I call in BB with 44. Flop J4x. I check raise flop and get the rest in on a great J turn. Of course he has JJ this time though! Anyway I hope he doesn't go away anytime soon ;-)

MRI scan on knee tomorrow, hopefully the results will be through in the next fortnight which will confirm if I need to go under the knife or not. Fingers crossed that I don't and I can hammer the training, I'm fast becoming a right fat arse!

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