Sunday, 21 December 2008

Merry Christmas me!

Lets start with the footy xmas do. I got loads of pressies!

Unfortunately they were all a complete piss take. For those of you that don't know I've put on a fair bit of weight this year, hitting the weights pretty hard and the kitchen and takeaways even harder ;-) Anyway at the time the secret santas were announced, I was over 16 stone. So yes, I got shit loads of food as presents. Such gems as blocks of lard, packets of 'Porkys' pork scratchings, and huge packs of biscuits. Briggsy who was my secret santa, sneakily sent an email to everyone, saying spend an extra £1 and get Brenos some food! Pretty funny I must admit. I also got a calendar where the image for each month was someone who looks like me. People like Kanye West, Joleon Lescott, Carlos Tevez, John O'Shea and Tommy Lee (it's not even that big). To top it all off, I got an XL t-shirt with an image of Chunk from the Goonies doing 'The Truffle Shuffle'!! These jokes were a bit lost on a few of the new players, as I'm now 14.5 stone and still losing. Bring on the beach in a couple of weeks! :-D

The whole night was great as usual, with the rigging of the secret santas awesome again. Earlier in the year, Ager had used "I've got no dry clothes" as an excuse not to come out. So he obviously got an airing rack and 'The Count from Sesame Street' t-shirt cos he looks like him. 6 bats! Ha ha ha!

Cranny got the perfect present. A mug that he can fill will beer so he can get mortal shitfaced 6 nights a week, with an image of a bodybuilder with a perky bum sculpted on the outside. An excellent conversation starter with any bouncer!

There were lots of other good ones. Azz got a much needed faux first aid kit. Briggs received a no entry warning from Taybarns 'all you can eat' near the Metro Centre, and a guide on how to use My Space safely. There are plenty of dodgy fat munters out there! John got a mousemat from all the girls at Diamond's Club for being such a good customer. Ben got some much needed exercise equipment for the busy male executive (apparantly). Honourable mention to the buyer of the Luxury Shed Calendar, but how Sherwood didn't get some gardening gloves and a tube of superglue I'll never know ;-)

Pokerwise I've been doing better. I've won over $700 so far this weekend, and hopefully can do something in a VIP bonus tournament a bit later. I've also agreed to go into a staking deal which will see me play 1/2 for hopefully some higher profits. I've been so close to getting there myself, but with going away I wouldn't have been able to take a shot again any time too soon. It's a short term deal which suits both parties I think, though trust was never going to be an issue. Hopefully with the sun on my back and nothing to do I can heavily concentrate on grinding out some good poker in the coming months.

I'm getting pretty excited for going now. My hot new 17" 1920x1200 laptop arrives tomorrow, can't wait to get loads of videos put on there for going away, and of course all my poker software. I've got my backpack which I'll stuff with what clothes I've got and then I'm pretty much ready. I think I'll just buy stuff over there as and when I need it. I do need lots of new clothes, but you never know what Santa might bring too!

New Years in Bangkok is going to quite the experience I think, can't wait! Also been thinking on other places to go and there is just sooo many options in SE Asia. We're all pretty relaxed about it though and will just decide when we're out there after speaking to the many travellers which I'm sure we'll bump into in all the bars!

I also think I'll keep this blog going for poker content and stories of debauchery, and open up a serious one with cultural trip reports and nice scenic pictures for the family to look at ;-D

Happy Christmas all, good luck at the tables :-)

EDIT: Placed 5th in the VIP tourney for $1500, and won some more on the cash tables at the same time. $2500 for the weekend :-))))

Monday, 15 December 2008

Not much to report

Been grinding the small stakes as per usual and am still effectively even on play this month. I'm 'up' my rakeback which is ~$700 but still not the best. I'm hoping to grind a lot this week and get some cash made. Don't want to dwell on the -EV stuff too much, I'm just waiting for it to turn and the only way for that to happen is to log some hands. So I'm going to hammer it!

It's the Christmas Footy Do on Thursday, which I'm really looking forward to, yet at the same time, totally dreading it. We do a secret santa which is totally rigged in that your name is given to someone that really knows you well and will get you a really embarrassingly mint present. We had one year where the random draw didn't work and everyone got shit presents. Shit as in, actually good. Stuff like Girls Aloud Calendars and bottles of whiskey. That changed last year after John did a superb job of rigging it and there were some tremendous presents. Custom t-shirts and calendars with photo shopped pictures were the highlights, and top efforts were made all round. I've got my secret santa something pretty awesome (as in shit) but I've certainly made a twat out of myself on enough occasions to provide adequate ammunition for an equally embarrassing present for myself. It'll be an amazing laugh anyway, can't wait!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Just had a disaster of a session finishing -$700 in actual dollars and -$700 in EV too. Why do I run so bad?

I am now even for the month and am really really sad. I shouldn't be, I've been playing well, and I shouldn't be results oriented. But this is getting me down.

I need a good sleep :-(

Sunday, 7 December 2008

10k breakeven

The past few days I've logged 10k hands for effectively no money. It's frustrating because I'm sure I'm playing really well. My non-showdown winnings are keeping me in the black this month and it's the first month in a while where my "red line" has been consistently positive. But...I'm getting absolutely mullered at showdown and in preflop all-in spots. AK and QQ lose every race against their respective classic opponent, and I'm on the losing end of dominating situations too. In those situations where the money is going in no matter what I've been on the wrong side of things, and I'd say I'm personally accountable for maybe 20% of these spots where I could have maybe done things differently. This has to turn soon so I decided to see if the people at Ladbrokes could help...

Andy says:
hi joe
Andy says:
can you disable my doomswitch please?
Ladbrokes - MGR Joe says:
Hi Andy - How's it going?

I'd love to turn the doomswitch off for you (and myself for that matter) but it doesn't exist...
Andy says:
I'm breakeven this week
Andy says:
my account is check_lol
Andy says:
can you not just pretend?
Andy says:
it would make me feel better
Ladbrokes - MGR Joe says:
yeah I can pretend...

Andy says:
Andy says:
cant wait for my account to go boom when im playing tomorrow
Ladbrokes - MGR Joe says:
Gl anyway m8
Andy says:
just one last thing
Andy says:
can you flick that special switch that makes me favourite in pair over pair situations?
Ladbrokes - MGR Joe says:
I'll get in trouble for all this pretending lark lol ... flicked!
Andy says:
Andy says:
cheers joe
Andy says:
i wont tell


I also had a faff around in my software folder and decided to use my super photoshopping skills to modify a theme to make multi-tabling a bit easier on the eye. I found a table with all the suits showing and grabbed this screenshot. I actually lost this hand to A9o on the river!!

But yeah check out the sweet yellow card backs, high-vis deck, low key felt and background making my crazy HUD stats easily readable.

Now to get AA vs KK a jillion times next week... ;-D

EDIT: In retrospect things aren't that bad!!

Thursday, 4 December 2008


Last couple of days have been a bit messy.

Yesterday I played on poor tables, but managed to put together a nice $160 win. Trouble is I got a lot of money in good and EV says I should have made $310. And today I play on great tables against mainly idiots and finish -$220. EV says I should have made $80 though so that's a $60 loss since the last post but I should have made $370. Depressing. I'm going to have to try and not look at that tab in HEM!!

Anyway I'm still playing well so will keep trodding along getting dominating hands in preflop for whole buyins but hopefully I'll win 80% of them like I'm supposed to!

Off out for a meal now as it's my mam's birthday today - 21 she tells me!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Engage Boomswitch...


So yeah I caught up on my missed EV.

Think that was my most tilt free session ever. I suppose it helps to run above expectation, but I still had a few sets outdrawn and didn't really care. These hotkeys I've got going really keep things moving smoothly and I'm back 8 tabling nicely.

Continue the run good please :-) ............

Good December

Hahaha I make a joke!

I had wanted to use this title non-sarcastically after the last entry, but you'll have to make do with the lowest form of wit...

So that's $500 below equity, which in today's climate is approximately £10 Billion Pounds Sterling.

JJ is never good on KJ8 versus 8T for 280BBs. Yes, 280BBs in on the flop. This is the huge blip in the middle of the graph on 759 Hands. He left the table with $700. I'm sure I fund the vast majority of Ladbrokes donks, who in turn spread it around the regulars. I normally win a bit of it back but no I can't win races either, and even split AK vs AQ. Sigh. Just think running slightly above equity I could have had a $500 start to December, but alas no. Infact I don't want to do that. I don't even want to learn or get better. I want to have boring sessions that turn out marginal winners, resulting in me grinding out about $4k in December. I'd take that nicely about now. It's amazing how the cold and dark changes our outlook eh :-S

On the plus side I have got some hotkeys working for Ladbrokes, which make it much easier and quicker for me to place bets. Needs a bit of tweaking though as it accidently made me minbet $1 into $75 with quads on the river. Doh! I've only been 4-6 tabling but we'll see how this goes.

Anyway it's PMA time (Positive Mental Attitude) and I will play and run better tomorrow. Gogogogogogo!!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Bad November

So I somehow managed to scrape together just over £1k in November. $700 of that was from a stake in Soap who had an awesome month, congrats mate. I also won $2k in the LEOCOP Main Event so when you put those two together it's obvious I've done shit at cash.

I've played a bit with smaller rolls on different sites too this month. I'm looking to spread a bit of money around online so I can better decide on where to play on my travels. Betfair has went the best running £100 upto £300 in about 10k hands. I'm well below equity there aswell, this site has the worst players I've ever seen. On Full Tilt I dabbled in some heads up and got 66 in on K628 for 320BBs vs K8 for a river K to pop up. That ruined my bankroll and with some further tourney buyins I think that is nearly bust now. I've had a few more deep tourney runs since LEOCOP, but nothing noteworthy cash wise.

I intend to four table the usual stakes at Ladbrokes for at least 10k hands. I need to get the confidence back and by really concentrating this is the best way. I don't think 10 tabling is my forte and it just isn't possible on some sites. Full Tilt and Pokerstars software are just streets ahead of anyone else, and with the most traffic comes lots of nifty tools for auto-betting/mass-tabling that just don't exist for the smaller sites. I really struggle to keep tabs on 4 tables on Betfair with their lack of timebank for NL50 and down.

Also this Bangkok faff on is semi-tilting. I'm booked for arrival 30th Dec and have paid for flights and hotel already hopefully it'll get sorted this week and we'll still be able to fly there and not need to re-book, re-schedule and re-research living etc :-(

Friday, 21 November 2008

I'm an idiot

Tilted yesterday for first time in aaaages. Really thought I'd got past this but I guess it's my own fault for playing tired. I was getting completely setup all over the place, then got outdrawn in a couple of spots and BOOM red mist descends and I hurricane off a handful more buyins.

Knocking the volume challenge on the head as don't want to grind 10 tables when playing badly. I think I need to drop this number too, but I'm playing devil's advocate because if I'm bored my play can also drift. Guess it's more things to work on.

Anyway I'm going to make a video of me four tabling and explaining every spot and thought process. I've done this previously and it helps review your own play tremendously when you watch it back.

Take a break, chillout, when you know you're feeling frustrated and making emotional decisions, LOG OFF!

EDIT: Made a video but lacked confidence talking in ANY spots whatsoever and consequently played badly and lost another $200. Fuck this I'm writing off the weekend and am out to get drunk!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

On track...

4.4k hands @ 5.9 bb/100 so far.

4.2k of those were today and were a total slog. I setup a new HUD last night and won over a buyin in about 30 mins on one table, just playing with my layout. I've been playing waaay tighter ten tabling, averaging at 20/16 where my norm has been 28/22 ish. I'm in two minds about this. It could be very nice to mass-table until I go away, nitting it up and making a steady dollar, then opening up again and take shots with fewer tables further down the line. Trouble is you can get a bit rusty :-/

I'm definitely in a good mindset though. I'm dieting pretty heavily to get some pounds off for the beaches in December, and shall be running and gyming it relentlessly along the way. The running is really tough. Back when I was fit there's a class course I'd set out where I could do 5,6 or 8 miles x-country on a mix of paths and dirt tracks, but it's just too dangerous to do in this weather. Could easily knack the knee or break an ankle. So I've been mindlessly running around a few fields in my footy boots :-( A bit of Rocky music certainly helps though!

Anyway, lots more running, gym, poker and feeling hungry scheduled. I'm off for a yoghurt, good luck all :-)

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A plan for the rest of the month

My cash play this month has been terrible. I've barely barely played and when I have it's been with a whimsical attitude that I'm just donking around and it doesn't matter that I lose a few buyins, I'll win it back in the long run. Not with that type of attitude you fucking dick head!! A sharp $200 loss here and there soon adds up and I am essentially break even this month, even after the nice tournament score.

I'm going out tonight and tomorrow am flying to Bristol to meet up with some Uni mates whom I've not seen for a while and as I'm going away in the new year we decided to get together for a weekend of partying. Looking forward to Bristol as I've not been out there and apparently it's boob capital of the UK ;-)

I will undoubtedly spend a lot of cash so I'm going to take that - along with the ~5 day break from playing - as motivation to play a shit load for the rest of November. Throw in the fact that it's Christmas coming up and I'm then going away for a few months I really need a kick up the arse. Sod the fact that it's cold and dark now, get a grip you pussy you're not bi-polar nor have you got that arsey weather disease. You're just a lazy bastard!

When I get back on the 17th Nov, I shall play 25k hands of NL100 and be a 5bb/100 winner for the remainder of November.

Abusive/motivational posts welcome in comments!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Cashed in LEOCOP Main Event

First tier for $2k, 65/668.

Very disappointed as was in a great position with ~120 runners left. I re-raise QQ and get it in pre flop versus AK. I flop a set on KQ8, for the board to run KQ88K. I had an above average stack and that pot would have put me top 5 in chips. Instead I'm short and basically end up folding to the money.

I had chipped up well all through the game in similar fashion to below post which I realise now is far far too long and yes I do talk a good game! ;-) I made an astute fold w/AA on a low board when my opponent showed a straight. Then doubled my growing stack calling A6dd on the button in a multiway pot, and shoving over the pre flop raisers continuation bet on 345dd and get there versus QQ. I'm decent favourite here versus most of his range for cbetting strongly into 5 players I think, and its still a flip versus AA.

I am super confident playing deep early in a tournament, and it's always nice to have a big stack in the mid/late stages. I struggled after losing the QQ vs AK hand with never more than 25BBs where I basically turned into a super nit. Don't know if I should be opening up a little more in these situations, and also the fact that in this case the first cash was a little more than usual. But I just feel I have no room to play as getting a 10% edge in preflop just isn't poker. Might give Harrington a re-read as I've been very happy with my game on the whole in the last few tournaments I've played, despite being disappointed results wise.

Never got chips in behind until the final hand, where I push KQ in the hijack and the button has AK, yay to be dominated for tournament life!

Still nice to cash from what was essentially a free seat :-)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Worst outcome for a deep live tourney?


I've dropped over $1k online already this month so decided to take a break and play the Stanley £50 + £500 added on the first Tuesday of the month.

Bitterly disappointed in finishing 15/120 where they paid 11 of a frankly very, very poor field.

9k starting chips on 25/50 allowed for plenty of early maneuverability, although I folded the first orbit to try and put some players into groups in my head. One guy directly opposite me looked to be the most active and had heard he plays cash quite high online. I was not in the greatest position to beat up on him though. I picked up KK on the next orbit and the active player limped utg. I raised it up so just me and him heads up to a 744 flop where he folds to my cbet. After a while I had figured out that I had very tight straightforward players to my left, and a few passive limpers to my right. Ship the free chips! So I start raising limpers when I'm around the button and chip up nicely to around 15k. One older guy had been showing his hands a lot which was awesome as he was raising 99+ AJ+ and limping anything else playable. I can obviously exploit this all day long and the other active player clearly knew I was doing this. This sets up a later hand nicely.

After the break I'm dealing and it's also ante time. I ask the player opposite me to take care of the antes and I can handle the rest. I'm not to bad at moving the cards around but my experience when dealing has been undoubtedly horrible previously. I'm sure dealing myself crap can't continue for this long though and on this table it doesn't really matter anyway.

A few levels later I isolate a limper to 4.5x with A4o in the cutoff. The small blind flats and the limper also comes along. I like isolating larger especially with a big stack. I think the SB would re-raise AK here and possibly flat AJ AQ and 77+. When in reality he should be raising with anything. I had seen this player flat an early raise in the BB already, and lead an insignificant flop for 30% of the pot. Then check the turn and check fold the river. So obviously a weak stab. Back to my hand though and the we are 3-way to a KQT flop. This sucks for my hand if checked to me. So many one pair & straight draw hands check/call here so if it's checked to me I need a miracle to win this pot. I also get check raised a fair bit but I'm not putting any sets in either players range. This flop however is awesome if I can raise a bettor. The SB obliges and weak leads again, the limper goes away and I insta ship it all in and he folds relatively quickly. I elect not to show. A few "must be nice to flop the nuts with AJ" calls come from across the table. I smile.

I do the same again later with the mighty 83s but the same player ships it all in preflop this time. I need to do the pot odds sums and this takes a lot longer live than when you have nice figures to look at on your computer screen. Eventually I figure I'm getting 2.4-1 which is sooo borderline. If I had 5k more I think I'd have made this call as I was sure he didn't have a pair. He tended to act quite confident when he did, something along the notion of "knowing he's ahead" in those tiny marginal coin flip situations. I decide to fold and get a bit of jip from a couple of players for Hollywooding. I am never Hollywooding in a live tourney. These things are soo fucking slow anyway and me of all people are dying to see more hands. Someone says "If you're going to call you're going to call" which I'm fairly sure makes no sense at all, but arguing back is definitely -EV.

I win another decent pot when the button min-raises, the SB completes and I also complete with 94s. The flop comes K94 and I'm obviously loving the flop, as I put the button on AK preflop and had planned to take most flops away from him. No need to now though and the SB actually leads for pot. I flat call hoping for a magical shove from the button who duly obliges, the SB folds and I obviously call to see AK hoping to fade overcards counterfeiting me on the turn. Another nice 9 on the turn and he misses his K on the river for a nice win. He is pretty disgusted with me actually, saying "9-4?!?" in that condescending angry tone. Again saying anything back is -EV.

A level later and the old guy who'd been showing his hands limps, so I do the standard isolation raise this time with QQ. One of the sit tight younger players flats me on the button, and the active cash player comes along in the SB. Limper folds. Flop is KQ5, I make my standard cbet, tight play folds and active player ships it all in. I call and take him out and am now sitting pretty on ~30k when the average is 11k. He had K2hh for top pair and backdoor flush draw which got a bit of berating from a few players, but I don't hate his play, especially against me!

A few hands later the old guy this time decides to raise in EP and I flat in the hijack with AJo, again planning to move on a lot of flops as he is so straightforward. Flop comes T42 which is perfect for me to monkey lots of chips into as he whiffs overcards so often here. He sighs loudly and gives a long, loud "Cchheecckk" in a deep sad voice. This is obvious weakness so I decide to bet......woah woah woah! Wait a minute! Remember what Mike Caro taught you Andy! So yeah I check behind. The turn brings another T to which he curses under his breath and then lets out the loudest, saddest "Cccchhhheeeeeeeecccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" ever. Honestly it must have lasted about five seconds! I think he has a minumum of KK here, a full house is unlikely as he limps 44,22 and I actually wouldn't be surprised if he had quads. I am now in pretty uncontrollable laughter at the table and again check behind. He min bets 600 into me on the river, I laugh some more and fold to which he is clearly massively unhappy considering how active I have been and also that he did infact have quads. I giggle uncontrollably in between hands for the remainder of the evening.

Despite being sat on Table Number 3 we are broken up and I cry a little inside. Also because I am now card dead for about 3 hours. I see more plays which makes me happy I made the trip though. Like 88 check calling an all in on the turn on JJK9 board where the all inner spiked a Q on the river to win with AQ. 88 guy goes ballistic but bless him he probably doesn't realise it was a coinflip. Also the structure is now increasing one heck of a lot and it's fast becoming a shove fest.

I get moved again and I am down to just above average now after my extended card dead period and not ever, ever being able to steal. I eventually do get a few steals through and am above average with ~20 players left.

I gained a significant amount of chips in one hand on this table. The cutoff opens for 2.5BBs and the button flats. Both cover me with 14BBs. Now it's a little interesting as I think they were mates and had soft played each other in the blinds a few times already. I look down at KQ do a few rough sums and decide that I do have enough fold equity and I have a really snug image. And given positions and I don't think the button would flat call a hand that dominates me I decide to shove. Cutoff insta mucks, button goes into the tank. I'm obviously happy with a fold here but my preflop read and the fact that he's tanking now means I'm sure it's a flip if he calls. He eventually calls with 99, we see a flop of AJ4 giving me billions of outs and I catch a T on the river for the nuts. I wasn't 100% on this move preflop but ending up with the nuts obviously makes it the correct play ;-) He again is massively unhappy with losing, especially to a straight on the river! LOL! I guess it's only me that ever loses races then!

I am seated next to Dom's brother from NPF and I had raised a couple of his limps legitimately with KK and AJ. he was very tight and straightforward. After the second one he tells me he's not limping anymore! I then told him my hands in the break so I think he'll be playing me honestly.

Then the next orbit it's passed to his SB and me in the BB. I just have him covered for 65k on 400/800/300 which is also an indication of how short everyone is. He makes it 28k total and I look at 77 in the BB. I honestly think this is the single worst hand to have here. 66 I can fold. 88 I ship. A9+ I ship. With my stack size I elect to fold as I can effectively re-steal against mid stacks and still apply pressure in position. He told me he had A8 and I believe him, it's just these type of decisions that I lack practice in, not being a regular tournament player.

I then am forced to fold a lot until I pick up 55 in the hijack. I have the cutoff and button covered and the blinds cover me but I make up ~70% of their stacks. So I shove. I think folding is too weak here. The button insta shoves behind and I lose the race to AK. I now have about 5BBs. I fold 43 and 72 and then it's my BB. With me having paid antes the previous hands I have another 1.5BBs after I pay the blind and it's going in no matter what. The button minraises, I put the rest in blind. He flips over KK and I have 73hh. The flop is an absolute no hoper K58sss the turn gives a tiny bit of help with the 4h but I miss my straight on the river and exit in 15th for no money. Proper bastard.

The prize structure was massively top heavy, I really think they should pay 20 from 120 runners. And if the field is of this standard I'd expect to cash 80% of the time. I'll definitely be playing this game again. There was an eventual five way chop for £1k each but I left before the final table and drove home in record time with Spin Doctors - Two Princes on the radio :-D.

Got in at just before 5am and couldn't sleep for another hour. Struggled in the gym today and not looking forward to getting up and going for a run in the morning. Has to be done though. I did two miles cross county in my footy boots yesterday and was dead after two miles. I had no breath and my legs were knackered too. It's normally one or the other, not both at the same time! Have really let the fitness slip but as long as I'm hard on myself and keep it up I normally see massive improvements after about five runs. The knee hurts too but this blog is already too long! No poker today, am off for a nap now!

Bonus funny poker video

Monday, 3 November 2008


Can't believe it's November.

Anyway, October ended well winning another $2k in the last week which made for a nice withdrawal and another nice surprise on the exchange rate.

Also congrats to Soap who is on fire it seems, shipping the $55k on Betfair last month and the $100k on Stars within the first 30 hours of November! Well done mate!

I've decided to play steady away a couple of hours everyday if I can in November, and actually log some volume. This started well a nice $370 on Saturday. I was out all day playing snooker and then a league pool game on Sunday night, had a few beers so didnt play. Then have played today and had a horrible session, losing $650 but EV telling me I should only be -$150. Again this discounts situations where you are all in on the river. So when I bet three streets with AQ on AQ872 versus I fish I expect to be good an awful lot, but no good old 8T backdoors a flush on me with his 70BB stack to which I am never folding. Sigh. I really don't mind this stuff actually, its obviously great in the long run, just slightly depressing when you add it to losing several two-outers in a short space of time.

Anyway, no need to get down, I won a very nice seat to the LEOCOP IV Main Event tonight worth $1.1k which I think means Ladbrokes European Online Championship Of Poker and has $250k added to the pool. The top prize was Hatton tickets and a holiday in Vegas, 2-3rd was a London shopping trip, 4-13th was a seat in a satellite to the Poker Million VII, and 13-20th was the LEOCOP ME seat.

It was a VIP Freeroll which I qualified for by raking a stupendous amount over the summer. A nice gesture I suppose but I have nothing good to say about Laddies VIP Club. Their promotions are absolute tosh and target only a handful of players. This was proven furthermore this evening with an absolute crapshoot of a structure. 30 players left and average stack 8BBs. Well thanks Laddies for making all but the first two levels a 10BB flip-fest. Skill will prevail!

I actually managed to avoid showdown for most of the tournament, then I lost A9 vs KJ for 6BBs, won AA vs AK for my then remaining 11BBs. Then made a good call with A4 vs QJ for 8BBs but lose obviously. Then double my remainder up with KK as K7 pushes from the SB into my BB. Then I fold a lot into the prizes. Then I lose QQ vs 99 for nearly all my stack. I have 1.5BBs left and there are 18 players remaining. I decide I either want a holiday or the ME seat, not another frigging satellite seat. So I go into suicide all in mode aiming for busto or robusto. I actually win a couple of pots before crashing in 15th for the ME seat.

Looking forward to it on Sun 9th Nov. Satellites are running now, get yourselves in there, more dead money for me to take down ;-)

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Positive progress

Ok since the last post giving myself a kick up the arse I have played four winning sessions of over 2 hours each, totaling ~6k hands for ~$1,200. I can't give exact figures as late one night my client crashed, but using my computer wizardry I was able to keep the process going and play on. This was good as I'd set up some history with players, but unfortunately it wasn't saving the HHs so I've about 300 hands untracked where I know I won about $200 more from my account balance.

I think the figure of 40k hands by month end was a bit much. But I am going to continue to play a few hours everyday. I've actually been pretty busy with other stuff too, so I'm happy in the fact that I'm actually doing stuff rather than sitting on my arse all day watching films. Saying that though you should all watch Wall-E, another Disney/Pixar masterpiece :-)

I've radically reworked a lot of aspects of my game in the last couple of weeks, and I'm very happy with the change. Everything has been working with great success thus far, though I did notice a few adjustments last session from some of the better regulars. Hopefully I can continue the winning run and finish on a nice earner for October.

My flight is now booked for Thailand for the 29th December and I am mega, mega looking forward to it. Especially now that it is cold outside and dark at half four. I need to get my form filled in for a double entry visa which I am going to do after typing this. Also happy that I should be able to get at least £2k for my car after doing a bit of research this afternoon.

Hopefully it's not going to drag on too much in the build up. I'm on a fitness drive leading up to going away, must get into decent shape for shorts, t-shirt and Kanye West sunglasses type of weather ;-) So that should keep me busy, and I'm also enjoying the poker more than ever. Gogogogo!

Friday, 24 October 2008

I am so lazy

Just been going over my stats for the month and what I've found is downright ridiculous. I've played 22 hours at my normal stakes for a measly $850 in just 10k hands. I am sure I played 10k hands in two days in September when I was seriously grinding to make my money back!

I guess that's contributed actually. I've been a bit scared to play and possibly lose $1k in a couple of hours, especially with the £ being worthless and the absolute guaranteed $ crash that is only just round the corner. Going on a bit of a tangent, you should definitely check out Zeitgeist the movie. Watch the original (bottom) one first, before you watch the sequel "Addendum". The original is in three parts (I) Religion (II) 9/11 (III) US War economics. Which is a pretty senseless storyboard but superbly well put together and definitely my most interesting viewing in a long time. The followup "Addendum" goes into heavy detail about the makeup of the American economy, and how we are all basically screwed eventually, with recession automatically built into the system. The latter parts of Addendum are a bit pipe-dream-ish, but very interesting nonetheless. I digress.

I've built up a bit of a roll on Full Tilt this last month. I created an account about a month ago basically just to rail the high stakes games on there. I thought sod it and deposited a couple of hundo bucks there too. I didn't play last month and at the start of October I could easily have withdrawn it all for a profit with the $ squeezing the £ lately. But no I'm a poker player so off to NL25 with it all and lets try to robusto the account. Well I'm on my way with over $500 profit in about 5 sessions and the BR at ~$750. I'll play NL50 now and try to get it at the $2k mark as another healthy poker BR. Anyway this is going to take a back seat, I'll only do this when I'm not fully with it and will just autopilot the smaller stakes. What I must do for the remainder of this month is...

Log some hands!

I'm at 10k at the moment and I've decided I must be at 40k by month end. The results should hopefully take care of themselves over such a sample. I'm very happy with my game lately and am happy that I'm erring on the side of aggression over caution, which will definitely win through at the small stakes over time.

Ok, go!

Good luck all :-)

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


So I changed my desktop backgrounds today to provide a bit of encouragement for me to to work hard in the build up towards heading out to Asia in December.

Left is somewhere deserted in the Philippines and right is a beach in southern Thailand. Gorgeous!! :-)

I then sorted out some old clothes that don't fit me anymore because we got a charity bag through the door this morning. I found £25 quid in two trouser pockets :-)

I then had a quick bash at the online pokering and this happened...

I'm now just waiting for these magical backgrounds to cure this man 'flu I've picked up and then I'm golden! :-)

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Can't think of title

Can't think of any content either!

As you've noticed, I've not blogged in a while. I've been playing a little bit. I've made the cash back from the last post and a little more but I really should have played more. Especially as I spent a fortune in Newcastle last weekend with it being my first night out there in ages, and a good group of us out. Also the fact that I could pay for stuff on this magic newfound technology called a VISA card escalated things. Ah stuff it, had a great time :-D

I had wanted to play the NPF tourney but football commitments have put pay to that. I managed a full 90 minutes last weekend bagging two in the process. I also should have had an assist. I also should have probably been sent off. But hey great to be back playing and in amongst the banter :-D

Hoping to add to the tally this weekend, then it's off out on the beers for the England game (high hopes after Croatia anyone??) and then probably the £10 rebuy at the G. Have a good weekend all :-)

Friday, 3 October 2008

Can you be 7 (seven) buyins below equity in 3.5k hands?

Yes, yes you can.

I'll not bore you with more hand histories, they're all awful and depressing. And to think I've been watching My Name Is Earl lately too. Come on Karma!

Sigh :-(

Thursday, 2 October 2008

September Ends

Finished a smidge over $2k which is absolute tosh when you consider nearly all of that is rakeback and bonuses. September really, really sucked.

Edit: Hmmm just withdrew $2.5k and was pleasantly surprised to find that it's over £1.4k. Gogogogo USD!

I've not played in October yet. I have a feeling it is going to be epic, watch this space...

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Different ways to win money at poker

Hi all, just wanted to post about my latest session at the online poker tables. I thought it only fair that I give some solid tips at the different ways you can win some cash for yourself.

Pushing your equity 101 - Getting it in preflop:

As you become more adept at hand reading you can manipulate opponents and create some good situations where you can get money in the pot in a dominating position. Some examples, here, here, and here.

Seeing those cards in the middle first because you're a nit:

Sometimes if you have a good idea of an opponents range, but would like to see a flop for whatever reason, this can be worked to your advantage also. You can set traps, or let your aggressive opponents bluff at you. If you feel like waiting for your opponent to put even more money in the pot as an underdog, you can wait until the turn to make your move. You can also get paid from drawing hands nicely on the turn.

Advanced concepts - Bluffing (being a spewy retard):

Sometimes you've gotta mix it up ya know?! With experience you are able to put opponents on certain types of hands that can't take much heat given the board texture.

So that was yesterday, with added images to express emotion. I'm so emo.

Saturday, 20 September 2008


Six tabling is easy.

I think I could have beaten any limit to be honest. Been playing superbly well if I do say so myself. Off out on the beers now. I am awesome :-)

Monday, 15 September 2008

Has there ever been a good poker movie besides Rounders?

The answer is yes. If you're a poker fan you should definitely take the time to watch The Grand. It's a satirical look at stereotypical poker characters and their different lives, centered around a large tournament called 'The Grand'. There are a lot of cameos from big name players and a nice performance from Gabe Kaplan who you'll recognise from High Stakes Poker.

My poker personally is picking up a bit. I'm now out of the awful hole I was in but it's been a lot of work. I've been 10 tabling NL100 and have logged over 40k hands this month and it's only the 15th. That's 10k more than last month already. I've not been doing great, logging a small winrate of just over 1bb/100, but the sheer volume of play has meant I've accrued a large rake race bonus, as well as a bumper rakeback payment at month end.

I've definitely been getting outplayed and missing value in some spots though. Ten tabling is super hard. As I've now saved my bankroll from potential ruin I'm going to play only six tables at a time. I am comfortable 8 tabling but I really want to maximise my edge and play really good poker. I have rediscovered my work ethic (-$4k in 10 days can do that to you) so with the hours I am playing I'm hoping to put together a winning month which looked almost impossible last week. I have a real passion to play every hand perfectly now and am really enjoying playing.

Previously after a bad spell I would take a break and not play for a few days. This time I ploughed through it. It was pretty ugly and certainly tiring. I've not wanted to write about poker at all as playing 6k hands a day kind of turns every hand into a blur. Also a good poker cash tip for you, if you're not sure what to do, just bet. There were so many instances where I'd lose track of who the bettor was or what previous action was in a hand that I'd just throw a bet out and this definitely worked in the majority of cases. Again not ideal but you can't make them fold any other way ;-)

OK, back to the tables to play some perfect poker! Good luck all :-)

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Ok since my last dismal post I have been playing an absolute shit load of hands. I set myself a challenge to win 10 buyins at NL50 to teach me a bit of patience and respect for the game again. This is a massively minus Happiness EV move as NL50 is an absolute dross pit of poker. I played 12k hands in a couple of days and only beat it for 5 buyins @ 5bb/100. I'm not even sure if it's beatable long term. The variance there is just insane. My advice to anyone trying to build a bankroll and move up from NL50 is thus: Stop. You can't beat NL50. Work harder and deposit enough to play NL100.

Anyway today I didn't fancy slow Chinese torture so played some NL100 ahead of schedule. But I saw some soft spots and managed to turn a nice $700 profit. So I am now even for the month if you count rakeback ;-p Lots more hands to come, I plan to play an insane amount of volume in September. Gl all and especially gl Soap in the Laddies Heads Up special tonight :-)

Edit: Soap progresses to Round 2 :-)

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Taking shots sucks balls

3k hands today of NL200, -$1600. WTSD 22% and W$atSD a pathetic 34%. I mean WTF is going on?! How can I run so bad at NL200?!

Back to the NL100 grindstone again. I think I can predict future posts...

1) Running hot at NL100
2) Take another shot at NL200
3) Die a little inside
4) Running hot at NL100

-1.4k for the month. EV says -200 :-((((((

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Into September

I'm back, still alive and playing again.

The last weekend in August was spent in London at the annual P&G World Cup. This was class as usual. The flight down was especially smooth for Azz, winning £20 at FL Omaha in the 40 minutes we were in the air. Six of us played 50p in, then 50p to continue after the flop. I played literally anything (pure overcards, 3 to a straight or flush) and obviously got mullered finishing a tenner down. Azz caught every card possible to win a silly amount of pots. We arrive mid afternoon and hit the beers at the hotel bar. Please see previous blog entries about me drinking in the afternoons! Anyway it all gets horribly squiffy and we eventually leave Spearmint Rhino at about 3am with one of us managing to pick up a number! How was your gym date Cranny? How much does he bench?

Next morning the coach leaves at 8am to take us to the playing fields. I manage to get on, but immediately go find a quiet corner away from the pitches, throw up and sleep till 10am. I'm injured if you've been following the knee updates, so didn't play. It was red hot on the Saturday so I had the newly acquired beer belly out getting a tan/burn. I didn't really know what was going on football wise as I was horribly hungover, and couldn't manage my pasta dinner. Anyway the last game we needed a win to be certain of progression, but a draw might not be enough. Sketchy information led to shouts of "EVERYONE UP!!" in the last five minutes, only for more information to come through that we were through as it stands. "EVERYONE GET BACK!!". More confusion followed when someone said, "We are ahead on goal difference, and on head to head record, but I don't know which one counts so I don't know if we're through." What a gem. Anyway, he shall remain nameless.

Saturday night took us to Oceania in Kingston, and the world's most poorly organised buffet. Let's try to feed 300 hungry footballers on a food trolley the size of my computer desk! So we fucked off over the road for some knock off KFC joint called Dallas Chicken. Me and Briggsy quickly polished off their biggest bucket meal, mmmmm :-) We returned for the start of the dance off which saw us enter Rogers (a very good technical dancer) and a double act of Fazz & Will who had a Ross and Monica style routine worked out. Anyway 'The Faz Dango' went down a treat with the crowd and should definitely have won. YouTube to follow hopefully. However a Croat entry had most of the European crowd cheering him and the judges were two fat chicks who were clearly total self-conscious pushovers and went with the majority.

EDIT: YouTube rejected the Vid because it's 18 minutes long. I'll edit it down and submit it asap

Drinks flowed and we explored the huge club to find a karaoke bar which we quickly took over. Rogers wowed the crowd with a perfect rendition of James Blunt's 'You're Beautiful' and Waters gave an absolutely epic performance of The Doors 'Light My Fire'. The fat DJ tried to get him booed off as he was a line behind in the first verse, but we rallied behind our all-time top own-goal scorer and once he got the timing back he pulled off some superb stunts both physically and vocally! Ager managed to coerce a hat from a local by buying him two bottles of cider. This made an excellent running prop joke for the night. The beers kept coming and each time they were celebrated "Azz one!" with a big communal 'cheers' in the middle of the dancefloor :-)

The next morning I'm ill again and miss the bus to the the games this time. Me and Ben get a taxi not long afterwards and pay £11 for a 2 minute journey. Saw us coming! We get there for the start of the first game thankfully. We are down 2-1 with 5 mins to play and we have a corner. I tell Azz I could go on cos I can still head better than most the team. I get stripped quickly but miss my header from the corner, it's only half cleared though and drops to me on the edge of the D, I shuffle it out my feet and swing a left boot at it. It looks to be heading into the bottom corner but hits the inside of the post, runs across the six yard box evading all our players and is safely cleared. Nearly an epic cameo!

We lose and now cannot win the tourney, so now begins the piss taking. Every year as soon as it's non competitive we totally take the piss. Stuff like over the top diving, over the top tackling (literally - Briggs) and generally winding the serious Europeans up makes for cracking entertainment. The knee feels good so I start the next game, and play the full 40 minutes. Awesome. Did ok, can definitely still head and link play well, but my touch has totally gone. I forget the result but remember Ager's hat celebration. We get lunch then go watch our respective ladies team play one of their games. We were there for the moral support and not because their opposition consisted of at least three 9s ;-)

An early scuffle at the sideline in front of us saw a few girls tumble and head towards us. We flinch and raise our hands as normal but John is one step ahead of us and fully extends both arms in an attempt to hug the rather attractive number 8. We roll about in laughter as he had somehow forgotten that his long standing girlfriend plays for the ladies team and was only ten feet away! :-)

Our final game saw us pitched against an aggressive Ukrainian team. What a bunch of wankers this lot were. Some early off the ball exchanges saw the ref warn a few of them, and we only wound them up further by playing the antagonistic bastard role that only the English can play so well ;-) I score a nice header after one of their players had dived looking for a foul. We carry on though and I glance a nice one in the far corner from the edge of the box. They surround the ref. From the kick off myself and Ager decide to do a 'double faint' kick off as they were clearly ready to rush into the circle. I cannot put into words how much this pissed them off. They were fuming! When we do kick off properly we are in such hysterics that we both stepover the ball, I get it caught in my feet and lose it to a cruncher from behind. I'm not having that so chase back all the way and get in a good 'tackle' on the edge of the box to deny him scoring. They didn't like this either and I get stamped on as I'm getting up. I stay down and to draw attention to this and let the ref know. So much for a work friendly! We win the game, finish 5th and get packed for the airport.

We arrive at Terminal 5 Heathrow just after midday to find out quickly that our flight has been cancelled due to bad weather. So we wait around drinking obscenely priced drinks and eating disappointingly sized portions of food. Our second flight then gets delayed and eventually cancelled at 10pm, with us being at the airport all day, and now unable to get to Kings Cross in time for a train. There had been 11 cancellations that day and the queue for re-booking/hotel compensation was immense. Plus most of us just wanted to get home, so we booked taxis. This took some sorting and we eventually got three 6 seaters to take us back to Newcastle at the princely sum of £1300. We got unlucky with our one-legged, blind, risk averse, 'scared the world might end if I go above 60mph' driver and get back at 6am, with me needing to drive the 1hour to get home too. A really shitty end to a great weekend :-(

It took me a couple of days to recover from this ordeal and have only played poker yesterday and today. I started with some NL100 yesterday and won $160 over a few hours. Today I fired up NL100, got sat down at about four tables and noticed that it was all regulars/nits playing. I quickly scoped NL200 and saw a few fish and other funny stack sizes I didn't recognise, so decided to sit there. Glad I did as I logged a $620 win today :-)

Off out to play pool tonight and maybe some play later. I'm hoping to get some shorter, more regular updates done in future! :-)

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Slit wrists time

Just had horror afternoon finishing -$1.4k. The very definition of running bad. This is all within a couple of hours, not spread out over weeks all you tourney players!

AA (2): Stole blinds, won small pot.
KK (9): Vs AA 4 (Yes FOUR) times. Big losers on rag flops. Stole blinds or won small pots the other 5.
QQ (11): One AIPF vs AK, lost. Twice all in on turn vs 1 pair on board and rivered both times. All others <$20 pots.
AK (20): Largest pot won $30 flopping broadway. Twice all in on turn TPTK vs naked flush draw, lose both. Twice all in on turn TPTK vs mid pair and flush draw, lose both. Once all in on turn TPTK vs mid pair and str draw, lose.

I'm now even for the month after an absolute disaster the last couple of days. It's been sick setup after setup. Bah I need to go back in time and not play these last two days, then I could still play NL200 next month. Going to have to drop back down again :-(


Played two sessions today, both swingy as hell. Evening I was +200, -500 then finished on +300. Later tonight I was just constantly losing ahead and behind and was -1.2k at one point. I've finished the day -800 which sucks balls as EV graph says -80 and that doesn't take into account races/pot odds/retardedness of opponents etc. Crappo!

Monday, 25 August 2008

The weekend

Friday I ventured up to Newcastle to help Soap get Hold Em Manager on his laptop. He's been playing a lot more cash lately and for the amount of information this program can tell you relative to his stakes it's a no brainer for him to have it. His results have suffered since though, I'm sure that'll turn!

Later in the evening myself, Ben, Rich and JT play the £20 Second Chance at the G. And yes we were drinking. I made early promises to Candice and Monika that I would behave this time ;-) I really struggle to take these seriously anymore. I was sat next to Phil from the NPF and a couple of other forum members whose names I don't recall/didn't ask! I donked around early calling a raise in position w/78 the very first hand. I had posted both the SB and BB for arriving late, and assumed I just make up the extra 75 to match the raisers 150 bet. Nope, the 75 is dead and I have to put in another 150. I nonchalantly make the rest up hoping not to give away the fact I clearly have garbage. Flop is 89T two spades and the early raiser fires out a nervous cont bet. I pounce and make a 3x raise. The SB cold calls (lol) and raiser folds. Turn is an offsuit J and he insta shoves. This is like QJ or a flush draw ALLLL of the time, I think it out and decide to fold this time and of course he shows the flush draw and his proud bluff. I make a mental note to snap off anything from him in future and this is further confirmed with some horrible play from him later on. Still I think I win most retarded move of the evening...

I open KT clubs on the button for 3x and a young competent looking player min raises me out of the big blind. INSTA TILT. This is obvious mega strength but he min raised me out of position so I must be mega aggressive and take this down just so I can shout in his face afterwards how gay min raising is. I decide to just flat in position and make a move on a favourable flop. I flop an absolute monster with AK3 all diamonds giving me second pair, no kicker, no flush draw but some awesome backdoor draws. Running K-K for quads, running J-Q for broadway, running Club-Club-Club (on the 6th "Ocean" card obviously) for the flush etc etc. He leads into me for a pot sized bet. I can only really fold out black Queens which he never plays this way, but the enormity of my backdoor draws and the fact that he MIN RAISED ME means this is a clear shove. He sighs, calls, shows AA for top set saying "But I think you have a diamond". HAHAHA what a shit read youngster! I got the KT for second pair, awesome draw. Obviously the turn bricks cos I run terrible in tourneys. I reload.

I then see total garbage for infinity number of orbits. Phil plays one hand all night and still manages to double up on a really poor table. This point is emphasised even further when Ben is moved from his table to mine. The table chat is good though and I'm having a good time. This is aided by a decent two pint per level pace. I am flirting outrageously with the middle aged female dealer who was trying her hardest to set a stony demeanour with her dealing and I really didn't want this to happen. I can't remember her name, Christine was it? She loosens up a bit though and we all have a laugh, especially at her "I just knew" read with AK ;-) I see 63 off for the gazillionth time so get the iPhone out to play some virtual poker alongside. The game is pretty sweet and I pass it around to let people play a few hands.

Back to the live game and Rich exits first from the four of us, proving once and for all that he is the fattest. I eventually see 66 (Wahay!) UTG (sigh) but shove anyway cos I am FEARLESS BABY! (Sorry been watching Scotty Nguen clips). It gets through and I decide to show. I don't know why, this clearly doesn't achieve anything. Very next hand in the BB a tight, straightforward player opens from MP. It's folded to me and I see JJ. I decide to Hollywood it a bit and get a coin out out of my back pocket and flip it, then turbo shove whatever face it lands on to make it look like I am gambooling with a small pair and get him to call w/A9,AT or ideally TT-66 etc ;-) He insta calls and flips QQ and I look like a complete, super dickhead. It's all smiles and handshakes though at a nice friendly table. I sincerely wished Ben the best of luck and left to play 1/2 cash.

Everyone sits for 50BBs apart from two guys directly opposite me, one a young internet pro, and an older businessman who both buy for the max. This is the worst place for the money to be and I decide to nit it up and shortstack £100 also. Very first hand at a full table, UTG FUCKING MINRAISES. The red mist descends and I grab chips and make it something ludicrous like £28. Internet pro calls, business man calls and UTG looks like he's going to re-raise, thankfully he doesn't and just calls. Still not an ideal result for me! Flop is 9d5h3h, UTG checks and I ask the dealer how big the pot is. He helpfully replies "a lot". I give a wry smile and waited for him to count it as I didn't know how much I made it preflop but didn't want to give anything away. He doesn't move but the nice internet pro tells me there's about £100 out there and I only have one move. I guess he's folding then! I shove and take it down. Everyone thinks I have a monster here, and I did on the flop. I had Kh9h but everyone assumed I had QQ+. I take down a nice early pot and the beers continue.

My stack yo-yos from £150-80 for a couple of hours. Was a great game though with the young pro and businessman being by far the most active. Ben busts from the tourney and joins us at cash. He wins a nice 4-way all in pot w/AA but loses half it back soon after making a horror call w/2 pair on a 4 straight board. At least I save the shit poker for a £20 tourney ;-) Rich times a move nicely w/77 on a broadway flop and folds to the re-raise. Later JT busts and we all chip in £20 for combined £80 for him to gambool it up at blackjack. Sorry I mean minbet perfect strategy. But whatever.

I am now horribly squiffy and Monika jokes about cutting me out of the rounds. She's far too sweet for that though and they continue until right through to 5am. I play AJ tricky three way on a J6x flop with the internet pro and business man. I check back the flop in position after raising on the button. Turn is the a blankish 6 I was looking for, pro checks, businessman bets pot. I know he is bluffing but ideally I want him to put me in on the river which I'm pretty sure he would, so I flat call. Internet pro squeezes to a really gay amount a little more than a minraise. He had been very active but not stupid, clearly a very good player. I hated this bet amount but he really is putting me on 77-TT a lot of the time here. Businessman folds pretty quickly and I shove for not a lot more knowing I beat any Jack and expecting to see overs/and/or flush draw. He insta calls though and announces quads. I guess that line makes sense too! I am super super gutted here for some reason, I guess I'm a bit of a live fish and get much more involved and attached to the monetary aspect. I win and lose this much in a heartbeat regularly online. I guess the beer didn't help. He is cool though and offers to buy us a round so I only lost about £127 here instead of the full £130 :-D

It's pretty near chucking out time now so I don't reload but proceed to lose another £80 or so at Blackjack. JT proves that he has been playing incorrectly all this time despite showing a £5 return on the £20 we each gave him. I get berated for telling him to split 88 against a dealer T. I assure him this is correct, but we get screwed and I get the obvious "See I told you so!" response from him. This tilts me even further as you shouldn't be results oriented with BJ or poker, but he's my lift home so I'm nice ;-)

We make a late stop at the Jesmond bakery for some cold pizza, pasties, sausage rolls etc. There was quite a lot of choice actually. Which made it even more surprising when Ben asked for a whole unsliced loaf of brown bread and just ripped into it dry! Strange guy! We talk to some Greek guys outside about football and other bollocks, but they were annoying so we soon leave. Back to Ben's and the shop downstairs had was open so I get some steak crisps and Lucozade for the monster hangover that is surely only a few hours away.

Next day I set up Ben's Hold Em Manager which has turned on his boomswitch and he's delighted to be winning again now :-) Guess he's stole Soap's luck ;-) I drive back and get some rest as it's my sisters 21st on the Saturday.

This really was great to see everyone. My dad gave a cracking speech in between the horrible cheesy DJ's choice of tunes, and much fun was had. My sister being 21 and having lots of female friends there, with me being the fabled "older brother" obviously had it's advantages too. She was definitely a 9 ;-) Important thing was though that Sis had a great time, and she definitely did! Great occasion and great to see all the family :-)

Sunday I slept all day and I've not done much today either. Had a nap this afternoon and played for a couple of hours, logging a $250 loss. Pretty shitty actually, AK vs KQ in preflop loses, and a lot of races lost. I think I was all in preflop about 7 times, lost 3 as large favourite, lost 3 races, but won one with my AK beating KK! Still waiting for that $2k day at 1/2. It'll come! ;-)

Won't be playing tomorrow as out all day but hoping to put some wins together this week for a more substantial cash out at the end of August. You mustn't be results oriented though ;-)

Good luck all!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Good progress

I logged a decent session on Tuesday and a very good one today. I played half NL100 and half NL200 on Tuesday. I lost $400 at NL100 and won $600 at NL200! Guess I should move up to where they respect my raises eh ;-) NL100 was just unlucky for most of the cash, QQ rivering a Q vs my KK when all in the turn sticks in the memory. I also made a couple of moves I really should have saved for NL200. Anyway pleasing to win at the higher level and I continued that today with a nice $730 win. So my stats for NL200 so far are 9k hands @ 3BB/100, which is great as it's what I set myself in my last post. Lets hope I can continue to grind out a nice profit for the end of the month, I fancy a holiday!

Also Happy Birthday me for the 18th. Twenty five seemed so far away not too long ago! Didn't really do much, just spent some time with the family which was nice. It's my sister's 21st next Monday and she's having a big party for family and friends so will be nice to see everyone there too.

I've bought a couple of books which arrived today. The Mathematics of Poker by Bill Chen (been meaning to get this ever since it came out) and The Poker Mindset by some unknowns. Had a flick through and the Maths of Poker looks like it's going to need a pen and paper accompanying the read, as well as regular 'flick backs'. I didn't do A Level Maths but I did do Physics so I'm hoping I still understand all the mathematical principles, maybe a refresher might be needed!

The Poker Mindset looks to be very easy reading, with help on tilt, bankroll, downswings and everything that goes along with playing a lot of poker. Some interesting takes on different concepts which I'm hoping will help hone my approach that little bit more.

Good luck at the tables :-)

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Sticky, sticky

I've played solid NL200 since the last post. Friday I played around 3k hands for a $1k loss. Was a really horrible session and it must be the umpteenth Friday a row where I've logged a big loss! I flopped three sets all night, two of them were beat by bigger sets already on the flop, and the third got flushed on the river when all in on the flop. AA and KK were big losers and I also managed to flop a flush vs bigger flush. Hurrah!

Today I played 2k more hands and it was pretty much the same, I raced down to -$800 and it was looking like I have to drop back to NL100 and grind out another $1k to move back up. Thankfully I hit some hands and developed some reads/picked on some tendencies and ground back to even. My graph for the month thus far looks pretty terrifying with a huge monetary drop in the last couple of days, but view the same graph in BB instead of $ value and you see it's only a small blip.

The money involved is quite something. $1/2 is no high stakes by any means, but over 8 tables today I had over $3k in play. To someone non poker world savvy, this must seem crazy. I'm comfortable with the money though I think. At least so far. I actually ran up a 750BB stack at one table too:

NL200 is definitely a big jump in quality. It's taken ~8k hands to fully realise. There are spots where I'm folding TT preflop with three bets infront of me which just never happen at NL100. It's so much easier to manipulate and see flops at the lower level. Still I'm enjoying it despite being a -4bb/100 loser at the moment for 8k hands. I am not worried at all and am sure this is just a sticky patch of variance. I experimented with some spazzy bet sizes and overbets, and am very pleased with how they are working thus far. ABC is very exploitable at NL200. There are some really tough tables, even as I type there are a couple fully populated with solid regulars. They must be stupid. Dish the pride and make your life easier and find some fish! Aim for the rest of the month is to get out of the NL200 hole and beat it for ~3BB/100 when all is said and done. Come on this sticky patch can't last forever! Won't be playing tomorrow as have made social arrangements but am really looking forward to playing at the moment, which I'm sure is a good thing.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


So after the $1k day, I then win $650 the next and $850 today. Today was mainly NL200. I played a mix this afternoon and have just played purely 1/2 this evening on 8 tables for the first time. An early conclusion is that it's harder, but not much. There's probably one better player to each table, and the regulars can actually play post flop which they can't at NL100.

It was nice to cold 4bet AA and get insta-shoved on by KK, but I did lose a lot of medium all-in spots. I also 4bet bluffed J8o preflop for a buyin early this afternoon against an overly aggro player. I flopped a gutshot plus my pair outs, but his AK got there on the river. Argh why can't I hit one of these monkey plays one time?!? I probably made my money back due to the image this play setup, but would have been nice to win the 60/40 to go with it ;-)

I think I suck at FL. I don't know why. I really shouldn't. My stats say I'm a losing player though. It's just an easy way to get rakeback and bonuses. I think every retard playing any two at 5/10 takes me to the cleaners every time and I don't have the bankroll or patience for it anymore. I've only got $300 in crypto now so I doubt I can rake the Flip Mino this month. Unless I deposit and play NL100. I won't be if Laddies NL200 continues to go well though, not worth it at all. I'm comfortable with the bet sizing and will stick with it unless I encounter a large downswing. Most of the players are the same and I should be able to continue to pick my spots. I bet I'll be pretty nervous in my first $1k pot though which I'm sure will be along soon, hope it goes the right way :-)

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

$1k day

Another one :-) That's three in total now (give or take $20) for the year.

I made some adjustments to my play and actually calmed things down a bit, although preflop I am still playing more hands than most. A video came out on Cardrunners last week that basically told people how to crush NL100. At first I was pretty pissed off with it as it encouraged a style I've been getting away with for months and months, but I think a few retardo-monkeys at Ladbrokes have seen it too and are re-raising me and squeezing me in any spot they can. That'll do me, I moppped up a lot of dead cash today :-) Still it's going to help a lot of better the regulars I'm sure.

Glad to log a good score as I had a bad losing session for $150 on Friday night, so this tips the month nicely. I'm delighted in how I played, this is the most focused I've ever been while 8 tabling. Really think I've got 8 handled well now. May drop one or two at NL200 though. I've had loads of sleep last night and even today, so I'm sure that's helped. Looking forward to attacking NL200 when I'm next feeling super fresh.

I'm going to log an hour or two on Interpoker now, as I can rake a Flip Mino through Rake The Rake this month quite easily. Looks canny!

Also, knee update: It's fucked. Royally fucked. Can't run. So P&G World Cup at end of August will be purely a social event for me :-( It's creaking and cracking at any slight movement, and I'm getting a lot of general friction inside the knee when walking. Need to arrange to see the GP I think!

Run well, on the tables and off!

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

First August cash action

Yes I'm lazy. Have been out and consequently drinking quite a lot lately and haven't wanted to play when hungover. That's done now though and I felt fresh and attacked the tables today. Won $200 at NL100 and lost $80 or so at FL. I had quite a few 2nd-10th nuts type of hands today that ended up paying off a better hand. Shame could have been an awesome day.

I am playing so many hands lately. Today was 27/21. Think I may have to tame this at NL200. I think I have a significant edge post flop at NL100 and rarely get 4 bet preflop, so it allows me to outplay a lot in position. I'm sure the regulars will pick up and adjust for this at NL200. Looking forward to some more interesting dynamics. Think I'll play halfie half tomorrow, four tables on NL100 on one monitor, and four of NL200 on the other. Gogogogo me! Run good please!

Also, congrats to Rich for taking down the Laddies $3k GTD Tuesday night, and he's on the final table again tonight!

Sunday, 3 August 2008

July review

July was good, finishing on around $6k for the month. Still no joy with the CPC though will be looking at upping the effort on that front as I've not played even a satellite since getting one outered in the final a few weeks ago. There are some IP Platinum promotions that are worth me playing some extra volume on cypto as well this month. Also I've left a bit more money online this month than normal. I hope that if I can string a few wins together at the start of the month, I can move up to NL200. I've said it before and it's been a long time coming, but hopefully it can happen soon. I'm really looking forward to it.

I played in the Poker Player Mag tournament at the weekend at the Grosvenor. Was a great atmosphere with absolutely amazing NPF support. A lot of the info on the tournament can be found in the Live Updates area so check that out if you want a rundown. The structure was OKish in that it's better than normal but still rubbish from my outlook as a >100BB cash player. In the first two levels I had to fold a couple of mid sized pots, that if won would have given me so much more flexibility. All of a sudden it's then push fold poker, which I did for a good eight levels. My first exit hand occured when I pushed late w/K9 to run into AT in the SB. I thought that was it but no I am left with a solitary 100 chip on the 600/1200 level :-) I see garbage for the rest of the orbit, then pick up K5cc UTG. My chip (lol) was going in anyway to maximise any return, but nice to see a top 30% hand! I get a few calls and on a A24 flop I get protection from KQ which I love, but I miss my pair, straight and chop outs. I was a bit tired anyway but bloody hell one tabling a ten seater game of poker is sloooooowwwww. I'm used to 900 hands an hour, not 20! Thankfully a great atmosphere was good entertainment and it was nice to meet a few new people.

Also found this video of Soap's German lovechild playing an online SnG. He has his dad's (once) blond locks as well as his temperament ;-)

Sunday, 27 July 2008

More tourney love

Not really.

Wanted to play the CPC Summer special, so loaded up a few more tourneys to play alongside. First to go is the $50 double chance at Ladbrokes. I lose with top full vs quads and don't bother to top up. Next in the CPC special I flop a straight with KQ on 9TJ, play it fast but other guy thinks he can make me fold w/AQ. I don't oblige, but up pops the K on the river. I then buy in for a $40 CPC satellite. Next to bust is the £7k gtd on crypto, QQ < A7 obviously. And in the CPC satellite I shove over a player who has been very active pre flop w/ATs and tons of fold equity. Obviously I pick the wrong retard to make fold and he snaps off with 88 for 75% of stack and holds. Ahhh I run good in tourneys.

Decided to play a bit of FL tonight. I was actually at every FL table on crypto at one point, there really isn't many games going. I started at 5/10 and 3/6 but after an hour left the 5/10 as I am severely under-rolled and wasn't able to buy in at any more tables. I ended up playing three $3/6, one £2/4 and one $2/4. The rate at which you can rack up MPPs continues to astonish me. I booked a nice win and some more bonus, giving me ~$1600 in IP now. That can stay in too as I'll only withdraw from Ladbrokes this month. I'm wondering if I actually could make a go of finishing in top 10 on leaderboard to rake a CPC package. This could be my only hope as Jesus clearly isn't going to let me win a tournament! I'm going to hammer the FL for the rest of the month and try and clear the £500 bonus, then will re-assess MPP accumulation and bankroll etc.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, hope it stays nice tomorrow :-)

Friday, 25 July 2008

More hard graft

Two hours poker tonight for just under $300 and I'm putting together some nice wins at the end of the month. Hoping for another sunny day tomorrow so I can spend some time in the garden again :-)

Edit: Played some FL for $120 more and a chunk of bonus. Also thinking about moving to SNGs after watching some expert strategy videos...

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

It's late/early

But it's been worth it!

Played pretty loose as you can see and ran pretty hot. Day off in the sun tomorrow I think :-)

Monday, 21 July 2008

Drunken fool

Ok so the BBQ turned into a PPITO instead due to bad weather (Putting pizza in the oven) but nonetheless was a cracking good laugh. Getting onto the beers so early in the afternoon is a really really bad idea for me. But I keep doing it anyway.

We watched the golf where between all of us there was money riding on pretty much the entire leaderboard! A laptop was being shared for some low stakes poker donking, and Mario Kart on the Wii is a lot harder than it's N64 counterpart. After many beers and with my new slender figure (more later) I was well and truly trollied by about 5pm. This coincided with me getting a hold of the laptop and deciding to take a new two point approach to $.10/.20 NL.

1) Open shove any two.
2) When opened before you, call and bet/raise pot every street.

Whilst I feel that there are two fundamental flaws to this strategy it sure was a hoot to play. Comments in the chat box were hilarious inbetween me breaking 3 tables! T5 beating QQ AIPF sticks in the memory and despite the obvious crazy action I only finished $40 down after half an hour of retard clicking. Definitely ++++ Happiness EV :-)

A late decision is made to all go and play the £10/£10/£10 at Grovesnor. Bad idea. I think I might have been the first person out of the entire tournament despite turning up late. I saw 7 hands:

2) 78s AIPF vs AK - RELOAD

So I take the walk of shame and do actually go and play Blackjack. I sit for £40, play for I don't know how long, chip up and leave at £100. I crack on with the table a bit and teach a couple of students the basics and they bought me a beer, cheers lads. So I have four £25 black chips in my back pocket. Now this is where things get hazy...

I sit at £1/2 NL and play only a few hands I think. I remember seeing a flop w/77 and making a massive commotion of having to fold as Ad definitely had a monster, but I probably denied him action by being a complete tool. Sorry mate! I think I get up and leave after this, still £80+ to the good and having over £160 on me in cash.

I hang around the poker room still drinking, asked every female member of staff for a dance, tried to sit on the final table, demanded to deal the final table, shouted across the casino floor, and definitely went "Wooooo!" far too many times. Surveys were also conducted as to who was the fattest out of me and Rich. It's clearly Rich, but it's been a running joke.


I wake up on Ben's couch wrapped up in freshly washed elasticated bed sheets (nice). I grab my phone and wallet from the table and it's not looking good. I have £30 in the wallet and have sent multiple, completely incomprehensible text messages to a couple of girls. I'm going to share as typed. Bear in mind it's an iPhone with a QWERTY keyboard and predictable text for more interesting mistakes :-)

"Do as you're a sexy lady ;-) How's about what we would want?x"

"Hey hot stuff, I think if you were full of it and we were to be wntertaining each other there would be nothing that could just go! Just whta a you wearing?x"

"I want to love with you with me and we may find dome aujsy place for both of us ;-)x"

Move over Casanova! Still I've seen worse Briggs ;-)

So I'm also over £100 lighter than when I last remember. Did I sit back down and play cash? How did I lose it? I honestly have absolutely no idea. I have a horrible feeling I may have open shoved £100 with crap and lost it that way, but you'd really think I'd remember that! I'm really laid back and carefree anyway, so when I get shitfaced I completely mentally shutdown and forget hours and hours. If anyone can shed any light here please leave a comment!

Sunday saw the long awaited 5 a side comeback. I was shit. I think I get at least a 20% worse hangover than most people, and also play 20% worse than most of the squad on a hangover. Add to that I've not kicked a ball properly since November of 2007 and my overall %age isn't looking too good. Ben managed to jink it round me once, and meg me once for good measure too. For anyone who hasn't seen Ben play football this is catastrophically bad on my part. I returned the megs a couple of times though. I also managed to score (take note Azz) but overall had a touch like an elephant and couldn't beat a traffic cone!

I was then forced to have a cold shower (shithouse JJB) and quickly drive home for my local pool league game. Thankfully it was a pretty clear drive because I'd taken a severe turn for the worse after footy. Despite being vice-captain and a very capable pool player, I decided to sit out for the good of the team. I had by now developed really bad shivers and shakes, and my eyes were like piss holes in the snow. Cue more piss taking.

I've played a little tonight for $180 profit, depsite still struggling and not playing anything resembling any kind of A game at all. I caught some nice cards. Still the knee feels good (!!!) after a decent test on Sunday, and I'll hit the running again tomorrow. Off to finish watching Lost Season 4. Crazy stuff!

Friday, 18 July 2008

Nothing much to tell you...

I've played a bit. Just a bit. My volume this week is less than a quarter of what it was last week. I'll have to step that up next week.

I've made the $800 back plus a little more to put me a little bit up for the week. Just won a nice $480 in a short session. I had planned to play all night through but feel great winning that so quickly, so I think I'll watch a film now and see if I fancy playing more later.

I've mainly been training and dieting like a bastard the last fortnight. I let myself get pretty horribly out of shape after the knee injury, the last 3 months especially. But I'm putting that right, running 6 miles four times a week, eating correctly and continuing my 3x weekly gym routine. I don't know how some people train like this on 9-5 jobs! The food and the beer is the hardest part. I play pool twice a week and in the pub environment am pleased with myself that I've stuck to orange and water so far. My sweet tooth goes after about a week, but God do I fancy a pizza!

BBQ at Rich's tomorrow, plus Nintendo Wii warrioring and maybe even a quick poker game. I'll have to work especially hard at 5-a-side on the Sunday to run off all the food and beer. This will be the first time I have kicked a ball outside my back garden in 10 months!! Also the first proper test for the knee with multi-directional fast movement. I shall be sure to update you on the knee early next week. Have a good weekend :-)

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Miss flop, give up. Hit flop, lose.

A trend of relentless accuracy for todays play unfortunately. I have lost just over $800 in 3k hands. I've had four under sets, a few smaller flushes and countless numbers of overpairs being bust. This is the worst type of session I find. I didn't exactly get mega unlucky as in losing to two outers etc, just every hand I had was always beat. TT-KK was done by a solitary overcard on the board an outrageous percentage of the time. I even flop sets with AA and lose to flushes. I really couldn't win a thing. Any raise with broadway cards would see a low flop and vice versa, and any big ace would see non pairing broadway cards appear. Yack.

Anyway I'm tired and clearly whinging. I did a 6.5 mile cross country run in under an hour today, which is pleasing progress. I'm aiming to get fit and lose a few pounds for the annual P&G International Football Tournament that's in London this year at the end of August. Hopefully the knee holds out and I can kick a ball competitively. Can't believe it will be nearly a year since I last did!

Friday, 11 July 2008

No updates = no play

I've not played much poker at all this week. When I have it's been very short and very sweet. This is today for example:

That included a horrific all-in-on-the-turn-when-drawing-dead-non-semi-bluff at hand #530. I'm currently playing a $5 $2k GTD tourney and am top 20 from 138 remaining of 284. I'm only playing it cos I got an email from Ladbrokes advertising it and I thought it was a freeroll. I'm stupid. It's like a preflop raise as the buyin and is totally insignificant after such a session. Think I'm going to take a chance to get into the big chips ASAP as I'm getting a bit of a headache, and as you know I'm not a big fan of tourneys!

Only been a couple of short cash sessions so the rake race is well and truly lost this week. I'm not sure if it's +EV me going for this anymore. As previously mentioned I am picking off sooo much value from the regulars when I do play that it's affording me a lazier standpoint. I've already made a smidge under $4k this month from poker (inc rakeback) which along with some regular work and an £1800 out of court settlement windfall for a traffic accident, I have taken the foot off the pedal this week. I've helped a mate who has just move into a new house with some stuff, and we've still got the garden to do yet. Will still obviously play though and hopefully see a $6k month :-)

I got an email today from the Interpoker Platinum Club telling me I can rake a CPC package if I'm top 10 from their entire player PC field in the next few months building up to it. Bit of a bugger as I won't be able to get top 10 but I sure could rake a hell of a lot. Why don't they just say rake 30k MPPs before Nov and you get a package? That's about ~$18k in rake paid for a $5k package. Howay IP PC, you know it makes sense :-)

Monday, 7 July 2008

Out of sulk

Amazing how a nice $300 win at the cash tables can make you feel better!

Am obviously still bitterly disappointed, I wouldn't have especially minded losing $100 in that hand on the cash tables, but argh, tournaments! I had played the initial satellite very well and bulldozered a weak field, and also accumulated a big stack in the final with some nice early play. I then get it all in with 1 Billion% equity only to lose. The fact that I really, really want to go to the CPC meant it was a bitter pill to swallow. I would have been in prime position and playing confidently, I really fancied myself! I don't know how the full time MTT pros do it!

The red mist descended and I did well to stay away from the cash tables until I'd had a good couple of hours to cool off. This meant that I've only played about 6 hours total for the weekend which is double points on the rake race. I reckon the other regs will have logged at least 12 each so I'm resigned to just scraping into the top 10 for about $150 bonus. This is pretty crap, but considering I've won $2600 for the week I don't care in the slightest as the others won't be anywhere near that. They can continue to 20+ table and I'll pick off all the extra value from them all month, tyvm :-)

Fingers crossed for a another good cash week and hopefully I can attack the CPC route again. Good luck all :-)

Sunday, 6 July 2008

CPC brutal beat

The worst kind possible.

That was for monster chip lead in level 3. With my push/fold stack I then run KQ into AK and GG, FUCK OFF TOURNAMENTS!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

A profitable Saturday evening in

Avoided the socialising this weekend to log some hands and play a CPC satellite. I played a pure cash session this afternoon for an hour for just under $400. Later this evening I played 4 cash tables for a further $170 whilst playing a $40 CPC satellite to the $250 final tomorrow. I breezed a seat, chip leading the entire way. Roll on tomorrow for the final step towards the Caribbean :-)

I had wanted to log some more hands today, but I have been distracted watching the original Star Wars films. I saw Episode I The Phantom Menace a lot on Sky when I was a teenager, and kind of worked out the rest of the story from snippets I'd catch when they were on at Christmas time and comedy skits of the films. But I'd never watched the original three in full, until now. I really enjoyed them and will watch Episodes I, II and III soon too. Suppose I can't push myself into playing too much when I've won ~$600 and a $250 seat in a few hours :-)

That means I've made back the losses I drunkenly pissed away Thursday night, and with rakeback (I'm loving Hold Em Manager) I'm at $2250 already for July. Hoping this continues and I manage to win a few CPC packages along the way too ;-)

Good luck all :-)

Friday, 4 July 2008

Drink much?

Yesterday afternoon I played more to take me over $2k for the month in two and half days. I then go out to play pool in my local league, celebrate and get quite hammered, and then you can guess what. I come home steaming and load up the poker. KK loses to JJ and AA loses to QQ and then all of a sudden I decide I can win every pot. I fail.


Thursday, 3 July 2008

New software

OK so the new Ladbrokes software update really put back my playing progress yesterday. I really like the software but I couldn't get it going with my Poker Tracker and Poker Ace Heads Up Display to satisfaction. After hours of faffing I decided to take the plunge and buy Hold Em Manager, and I'm really glad I did.

Poker Tracker (v2) was developed for Fixed Limit poker, whereas Hold Em Manager was programmed with the No Limit player in mind. I can see 3 bet stats, and much more relevant position and pot dynamics information. Furthermore the HUD is superb and highly manipulative. It has rakeback & bonus options, as well as powerful graphing functions.

I've been killing NL100 in the start to July too, the volume is a little bit off what I'd like it to be but now I'm sorted with my tracking software I should put that right. This is the first two and half days :-)

Good luck all :-)

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

June end, July start

June wasn't too great poker wise. I only made around $1500 which is a shame because I was nearly on for a corker of a month at FL. I played some NL50 in the last few days of June to try and tip my bankroll back over $2k in order to attack the Ladbrokes rake race in July. I did so with some gusto, winning $650 (13 buyins) in only 3k hands. After withdrawing I have left myself with:

Ladbrokes BR $2k, Interpoker BR $1k.

I enjoyed a drunken poker session at the Grov £20+5.50 double chance last Friday. We played some blackjack before hand as it was late starting, and managed to win our entries and ~£50 more which all clubbed together into a drinking pot. Myself, Ben and Rich are all pretty handy players - them even more so at tournaments - and we all made the final two tables from ~70 runners if I remember correctly, despite the copious amounts of beers consumed. Had we all final tabled I had already decided I was shoving over one of their raises/stealing their blind from any position with any two cards!! Anyway I finished 13th my two pair running into a better two pair in a blind vs blind situation. I was really pissed off at this too as I badly wanted to final table with my mates! Ben bubbled in 10th and Rich chopped three ways for £200 and bought us a kebab on the way home :-)

I've since thought about 'running bad' in tournaments. I have concluded that you have to play an absolute shit load for this to have any correlative meaning at all. Say that situation where I got knocked out happens another two weeks in a row, you might say that's running bad, it's unlucky yes, but short term variance in tournaments is just soooo massive and misunderstood that it leads to lots of comments at live tables that really piss me off! The advice givers are the best! One guy told me he made quads the other week. I make quads everyday! Anyway that's slightly harsh as we all start somewhere, and I certainly lightened up somewhere around beer number 4 in level 2 ;-)

July is pretty much going to be exclusively NL100 cash at Ladbrokes. The rake race is worth a decent amount of money on top of my winrate and it doesn't make sense to play FL. I hope I can stick it out and really log some hours, but I can see me needing a break at some point, whether a bit of FL is the answer...well I'll cross that bridge later.

I played two sessions today, and they both followed an amazingly similar trend. Win $300, get two outered, six outered and lose a 50/50 and drop to even. Then grind away back to $300 up. So I'm going to bed now at $750 for the first day of the month, which despite the beats, I would snap Mr Poker God's hand off if he offered me that for 30 more days :-D

I might post a few hands tomorrow as I ran one awesome bluff very deep with KJ, and I think I lost 3 buyins in 3 consecutive hands on one single table, which I haven't had anything near like that happen before. Also interesting is that I have been playing 25/21 while 8 tabling, which I haven't been able to do before. I'm really happy with these numbers and hope I can keep this aggression up. I'm getting better with more tables obviously but playing so many hands does mean I'm timing down more often on the bigger decisions.

Labrokes are upgrading their client for tomorrow too which I hope doesn't change things too much, as I have a nice layout going on at the moment.

Good luck all :-)

[Wow, it's late, I'm tired, and I waffle!]